Simplifying food production across Africa

Connecting Farmers to Inputs, Markets and Finance through Education

Who We Are

Founded in 2022, Agrovat aims to build and develop a network of smallholder farmers to produce quality crops. Our work focuses on building a new generation of smallholder farmers by providing quality inputs and implements at discounted prices for farming, transferring knowledge on crop best practices and linking farmers to offtakers to purchase at competitive market prices →

For us at Agrovat, we understand that the right food starts from the right farmer. With our network of extension agents, we provide real time support for onboarded farmers to guide them through the farming seasons, ensuring resources are available for their needs →


Mission, Vision and Strategy


  • We are building
  • Africa
  • one farmer at a time


  • We want to be the number one
  • hub for farmers
  • for learning trade and development


  • Build Products.
  • Grow Networks.
  • Drive Value.

Our Values

Driving value for smallholder farmers

Creativity and enterprise in our operations

Solving problems for the agric ecosystem.

Happy Clients


Hours Of Support

Hard Workers


Agricultural training and education programmes

Research and development

Consulting services

Online resources and support

Agric tools and equipment

Agricultural marketing and sales


Agricultural training and education programmes

Agrovat offers various agricultural training and education programs to farmers, agricultural professionals, and students. These programmes cover a wide range of topics, such as crop cultivation, livestock management, agricultural machinery, irrigation systems, soil science, and agribusiness.

Research and development

Agrovat invests in research and development to develop innovative farming techniques, new agricultural products, and improved crops and livestock breeds. This helps to improve the productivity and profitability of farmers and agribusinesses.

Consulting services

We offer consulting services to farmers and agribusinesses. This could include crop selection, soil analysis, pest management, and other technical advice to help farmers improve their yields and profits.

Online resources and support

Agrovat also provides online resources and support to farmers and agricultural professionals. These includes webinars, online courses, and forums to help farmers stay up-to-date with the latest agricultural practices and technologies.

Agric tools and equipment

We provide farmers with access to modern agricultural tools and equipment such as tractors, harvesters, irrigation systems, and fertilizers. This helps to improve the efficiency and productivity of farming operations.

Agricultural marketing and sales

Agrovat also provides marketing and sales support to farmers and agribusinesses. This could include connecting farmers with buyers, helping farmers to develop marketing strategies, and assisting with product distribution.


Our hard working team

Nkemjika Okeke

Team Lead

With over 8 years experience in management and finance operations, Nkem leads with an eye for providing innovative solutions for smallholder farming businesses.

Ilyasu Ishak

Senior Business Analyst

An Agric Expert with over 10 years experience in developing and leading smallholder farmer interventions. Ilyasu embodies our vision for agriculture.

He is the head of the unit that creates solutions and engages our stakeholders for maximum impact.

Akunna Onyekwere

Chief Financial Officer

An astute chartered accountant and tax consultant with cognitive experience in financial and public service sectors.

Akunna heads the Finance Department that evaluates costs and expenses and ensures proper accounting and record keeping for AGROVAT

Abdulrahim Sadiq Abubakar

Operating Manager

Sadiq has over 3 years experience of digital marketing experience both in the agricultural sector.

A strong background in fisheries and aquaculture, he is also a certified Project Management Professional. He currently works in the operations unit and drives the growth of our daily operations at AGROVAT

Jonathan Owah

Tech Lead

Jonathan has over 5 years experience as a software developer working with various stacks and developing creative solutions. He is very actively involved in community building and open source software contributions.

He currently heads the technology team and coordinates the internal and external tech needs of AGROVAT

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